NVMe compatibility list

Before launching our board we concluded extensive testing to ensure compatibility with the most popular drives. If you want to use a different drive it will mostly likely work without any issues. Our compatibility list also includes performance benchmarks made with the tool provided by pibenchmarks.com

When purchasing a drive please make sure that you purchase a NVMe drive, not a SATA drive!

Compatible drives

Name DD Write HDParam(disk) Score (pibenchmarks)
Pineberry Pi Pinedrive (2280) 388 MB/s 817.69 MB/s 38547
Western Digital SN530 441 MB/s 845.35 MB/s 45,735
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 314 MB/s 776.7 MB/s 27,960
Sabrent Rocket 4.0 350 MB/s 773.9 MB/s 47,002
Crucial P3 Plus M.2 Series 441 MB/s 798.97 MB/s 40,118
PNY CS1030 444 MB/s 744.15 MB/s 42,203
Samsung 980 426 MB/s 791.31 MB/s 42,230
Lexar NM620 444 MB/s 849.2 MB/s 44,542
Crucial P3 Plus 359 MB/s 777.5 MB/s 26,163
KIOXIA EXCERIA 394 MB/s 802.09 MB/sec 43030
Lexar NM710 393 MB/s 849.91 MB/sec 40542
Kingston KC3000 393 MB/s 832.70 MB/sec 44203
XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE 403 MB/s 829.90 MB/sec 41316


Lexar NM620 shipps with various firmware revisions, you might need to use this drive in Gen 2 mode.

Not compatible drives

WD SN530 has been problematic for some users when it comes to NVMe boot, especially in the 2242 variant. Our test drive was a 2280 SKU and it worked OK but we generally recommend staying away from Western Digital drives completely.

Booting from NVMe

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